The Isham  Saling House, built in 1880, is the largest historic brick house in Weston, Oregon—a town with unique historical distinction.

Isham Saling was the leading merchant in Weston and the first farmer to prove the fertility of the land soil.

He was also part owner of the Brick Hotel, three brick stores and large amounts of farmland and livestock.

The house is important to Weston because it was the most pretentious house in town and known to contain fine furniture.

Prior to the death of Mrs. Isham Saling in 1938, the fine house contained its original square grand piano, marble-topped parlor set, upholstery of crimson satin tuftin and brocaded gold.

There were two huge walnut-framed mirrors, three-ply gold window cornices with green gold-braided lambrequins and white lace curtains, and five walnut and marble bedroom sets.