Completed Tasks

What Has Been Accomplished To Date

Building purchased for $8,000 in 1976. $4,000.00 raised through donations, matched with $4,000.00 from the State Historic Preservation Office.

Isham Saling House placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

House cleaned up, trash hauled away. Grounds cleaned up and yard re-seeded. Trees cut down and replaced.
(Photo 1976 – Chuck McCullough)

Historic Preservation architect hired.

Front porch foundation and floor completed.

Replaced most of the damaged windows and securing the house from further damage and vandalism.

Equipped one room as a meeting room for our committee. This involved cleaning out a huge two-story chimney of pounds of dirt and soot along with pounds of bees wax and wasp nests.

Restored and reconstructed the tall front porch posts.

Placed “thru-rods” between floors in the attic to stabilize building.

Shingled roof of the root cellar.
(Photo 2008 – Trish Neal)


Acquired original East Lake-style furniture from relative of Salings; shipped from California. (settee, marble-topped table, chandelier, two chairs, walnut-framed mirror, and more).

Other donations for Saling House includes a bedroom coal stove as well as items on loan with the Frazier Farmstead Museum in Milton-Freewater.

City of Weston has provided water for the yard at no charge.
(Photo 2014 — Sheldon Delph)

Architect engineer hired to survey house and provide engineering study.

Mothballing of the house to protect the windows and house from further damage pending complete restoration.