Current Projects

While the list may seem overwhelming, the major expense and the most important component is stabilizing the foundation. Once that is done, the remaining pieces that remain to complete the restoration of the house to its original status will be much easier to accomplish.

If items can be accomplished through volunteer labor or even donated materials, it will greatly reduce the costs.

One of Oregon’s Most Endangered Places in 2013. The Isham Saling House was designated as endangered in 2013.

1. Cover Cupola area and Repair Shingle Roof: to keep water from entering the building.

2. Cover windows: Where windows are missing or damaged until they can be replaced.

3. Rainwater Disposal: To drain rainwater away from the foundation. (Temporary)

4. Structural Stabilization: Plumb exterior walls, foundation work, work on lower floor joists.

5. Repointing: Repair and repoint masonry on exterior walls

6. Replace exterior doors: Replace doors that have been removed or boarded over.

Restoration work on the house during 2014. More work is needed.

7. Complete Porches: There were porches on the east and west side of the house.

8. Restore Windows: Examine all windows, replace/repair as needed.

9. Restore Cornice and Brackets: Reinstall Italianate detailing which distinguished the building in its heyday and include the original rainwater drains.

10. Restore Historic Cupola: Replicate the cupola from portions that is left and from photographs.